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Wednesday, May 6

Collegiate Recovery Program hosts Midweek Mindfulness for Recovery

CRP's Midweek Mindfulness for Recovery was inspired by a blog post on the Betty Ford Hazeldon website. Beverly Conyers wrote the blog post in 2018 that drew...

9:30 AM
Virtual Event
The Lhakhang Cultural Exhibit

The beautiful Lhakhang sits proudly on UTEP’s Centennial Plaza, surrounded by dozens of other buildings in the Bhutanese architectural style. It is a...

Virtual Preview

UTEP is excited for you to take part in our Virtual Preview Day for incoming freshman students! When it comes to college, there’s a lot to consider and it’s...

4 PM
Virtual Event
MCSC By-Monthly Meetings

Come join us and see what we have in store this semester for everyone!

Wednesday, May 6