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Wednesday, May 1

Uncaged Art : Tornillo Children's Detention Camp

Uncaged Art presents the work of youth, ages 13-17, who were detained at the Tornillo detention center in West Texas. Comprised of paintings, drawings, and...

Exhibit -- Remembering Lalo

Remembering Lalo: Abelardo Delgado, Chicano Activist and Poet. The exhibit includes photographs, clippings and some of his famous literary works.

The Lhakhang Cultural Exhibit

The beautiful Lhakhang sits proudly on UTEP’s Centennial Plaza, surrounded by dozens of other buildings in the Bhutanese architectural style. It is a...

Liberal Arts Curriculum Committee May 2019 Meeting

Liberal Arts Curriculum Committee:

CPT Workshop

Are you a current F-1 or F-3 international student attending UTEP? Come join us to learn about employment opportunities that may be available to...


Soledad is the daughter of migrant farm workers. Because her papá and mamá go where the work goes, Soledad is constantly changing homes, and she is the new...


Featuring classic ABBA hits, Mamma Mia! tells the story of a young woman’s search for her birth father. This funny tale unfolds on a Greek island paradise....

Wednesday, May 1